Paper Roll Frog Craft

Paper Roll Frog

The frog is a popular character in crafts. It can be made from different materials and in many ways. One of them is a paper roll frog.

The work is quick and easy, as it mainly consists of cutting strips and turning them into small rolls.

The following materials were used in this craft:

  • Two shades of green cardboard;
  • Some red paper;
  • Ready eyes;
  • Scissors, ruler, simple pencil, felt-tip pen, glue stick.

Paper Roll Frog Step by Step

The Body of an Amphibian

Cut two strips from green cardboard. One of them is larger — for the body, and the other is a little smaller and thinner, it will be the head of a frog. The sizes are arbitrary. Of course, if you need a large frog, then the stripes need to be made longer and wider. All subsequent sizes may also be different. After all, you can make funny fat frogs, goggle-eyed and with long legs.

Roll the strips into rolls and glue the edges.

Paper Roll Frog

After that, make the body, that is, glue both rolls together.

Paper Roll Frog

Finishing Touches Crafts

Cut out the rest of the pieces:

  • From green cardboard, two long strips — for the lower paws;
  • From it, the stripes are short — for the eyes;
  • Two green frog legs;
  • From red paper — tongue.

Roll the strips into rolls and glue. Leave the small ones that will be the eyes, and press the large ones a little and make cuts from the side of one of the folds, as if cutting out two narrow triangles.

Finish off the paper roll frog by gluing eye rolls on top of them with moving ones, or made from white and black paper. Draw a wide smile with a red felt-tip pen and glue a tongue in its center, slightly tucked down with a pencil. Attach splayed paws to the sides. And below – pressed and notched rolls. To make the frog stable, glue the lower legs only in the center. Let the compressed ends of the roll be free, thanks to which they are in good contact with the surface.

Paper Roll Frog

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