Origami Frog — Step by Step Photo Tutorial

Origami Frog

An origami frog is an entertainment familiar from childhood, when entire competitions were held for the best jumping ability of this character.

And who has forgotten, let’s refresh our memory and pass on the skill of creation to the children so that they can play with a cheerful frog, incredibly jumpy and funny.

How to Make an Origami Frog?

First Stage

To work, you need colored square paper.

At the first stage, you need to make cross folds. Therefore, fold the paper in half from corner to corner to form a triangle. Then twice again, connecting the remaining two corners.

It will take another fold, but now you need to fold the paper so that you get a rectangle, that is, connect one side to the opposite.

Redirect the resulting fold to the middle.

Fold the part, smoothing out all the folds.

Origami Frog

It will turn out an origami triangular shape. Pull the right corner and connect it to the top one.

Do the same with the left corner.

Now fold the right corner and side of this resulting part, aligning them in the center.

Fold the left side. Finished on this side.

Origami Frog

Flip the triangular piece of paper over to the other side.

Point the right corner down, aligning it to the center.

The left should also be subjected to this procedure.

Here, bend one side to the right, leveling it along the edge of the part.

And the second — to the left.

Origami Frog

Origami Frog — Final Step

Flip the piece over to the other side. In order for the frog to jump, you need to make a fold in its lower part. To do this, first bend the bottom up.

Origami Frog

And then direct it to the other side, as if inside a frog. You can immediately make the desired fold, although it is much easier in stages, since the paper in this area is thick and for the necessary actions you need to make a little effort.

Origami Frog

The origami frog is almost ready. It remains only to lift the tip in its front part and bend it to the side.

Origami Frog

Then the second.

Origami Frog

Origami Frog

On the resulting protruding triangles, draw eyes or glue moving ones, which will make the frog even more fun.

Origami Frog

You can also attach a long tongue, but if serious competitions are planned, whose frog jumps the farthest, it is better to do without it.

Origami Frog

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