Paper Rosette Bunny Craft

Paper Rosette Bunny

I offer another option for crafts — a paper rosette bunny. This is an excellent creative activity for children, decorating a room for themed events, Easter.

Materials used in this work:

  • White cardboard and paper;
  • Pink cardboard;
  • Eyes in the form of stickers;
  • Black felt-tip pen, scissors, PVA glue, a simple pencil;
  • To fasten the middle of the accordion, you will need threads, as an option – a stapler or double-
  • sided tape.

Paper Rosette Bunny Step by Step

Prepare two rectangular pieces of paper. If you need a large hare, you can take two sheets of A4. In this version, A4 sheet is cut in half.

Put one sheet in front of you and start making an accordion from its narrow side, the width of the folds of which is not more than a centimeter. Fold forward, turn the paper over, and fold again. And so on until the very end.

Turn both sheets into an accordion. By the way, you can use not 2, but 4 sheets.

Glue these two accordions together.

Fold the accordion, pressing its folds, determine the middle and bend in half. Press well. The middle needs to be fixed. That is, in the center of this fold, tie it with threads, or fasten it with a stapler. You can even make a couple of stitches with a needle and thread. Alternatively, later glue it with glue or double-sided tape.

After that, glue the sides of the accordion on one side, you get such a fan.

Paper Rosette Bunny

Then complete the circle by gluing the side folds on the other side. Without thread or a stapler, the center of the circle can move apart. In this case, glue or tape will help.

Paper Rosette Bunny

Final Fetails

Draw and cut out the following simple hare components:

  • Two long white ears and two slightly smaller pink inserts;
  • Pink muzzle;
  • White teeth;
  • Black spout;
  • If there are no moving or sticker-like eyes, cut them out of white paper and draw the pupil with a black felt-tip pen;
  • Optionally, two paws.

Glue the eyes to the round accordion, connect the muzzle with the teeth and nose together and glue below the eyes. Add the ears on top, and the paws on the bottom and the paper rosette bunny ready. If you glue a braid or thread on top, you can decorate the room with crafts.

Paper Rosette Bunny

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