How to Make a Crocodile — Step by Step Crafts for Kids

How to Make a Crocodile

A selection of ideas on how to make a crocodile out of paper and other materials. Colored paper, cones, clay are used in the works.

This crocodile is made of paper with accordion elements. Suitable for children from 5 years old. Step-by-step instructions with photos to help you.

What you need to create a crocodile:

  • Green paper, you can take cardboard for the head;
  • Red paper and white;
  • Black felt-tip pen, simple pencil, scissors, glue.

How to make a crocodile

We make the body

Cut out two long elongated drop-shaped shapes from paper. One part should be slightly larger, as it will be assembled into an accordion.

Fold a long drop into an accordion, folding small steps back and forth.

Glue the harmonica on the second drop so that the beginning and tail touch. The body is ready.

Additional details

In addition to the body, you will need some more paper blanks that characterize the crocodile. Draw and cut:

  • Four limbs;
  • White teeth. These are two small strips, which have one side with teeth;
  • Animal head. It must be doubled so that the mouth opens, so you need to draw on paper folded in half;
  • Red tongue;
  • Paper eyes.

How to Make a Crocodile

Glue teeth, tongue and eyes to the head, draw nostrils with a felt-tip pen. Then glue the head to the body, and on the sides add the limbs.

How to Make a Crocodile

Everything, the paper crocodile is ready.

How to Make a Crocodile

You can also familiarize yourself with other options for how to make a crocodile.

Paper crocodile

paper crocodile

Simple paper crocodile for kids. Light volumetric crafts in an interesting way from cardboard.

Crocodile from a cone and clay

Fir Cone Crocodile

The central element of this craft is a fir cone. It will be the body of the crocodile, and the rest of its parts are made of clay.

Even more ideas in the selection are paper animals.

The site also has a large collection of ideas — crafts for kids.

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