Yarn Crafts for Kids — Ideas and Tutorial

Yarn Crafts

A variety of yarn crafts for kids. New ideas, interesting solutions, useful techniques for developing creative thinking and fine motor skills.

Yarn belong to simple things from our life. Many have old hanks that do not need to be written off. After all, you can apply a little creative ingenuity and do wonderful work.

Crafts from threads are made using the technique of collage, twisting, making pom poms and tassels, macrame.

This review contains examples of crafts made from yarn and related materials, such as: cardboard, buttons, cotton pads, pipe cleaner and others.

You can use any thread: floss, sewing, woolen. Loose threads look very impressive. Stock up on a variety of yarn, and, of course, patience. And then everything will work out.

Yarn Crafts — Simple Ideas for Kids

Yarn Rainbow

Rainbow of Cardboard and Thread

In work, in addition to yarn, white cardboard and plastic eyes are used. Cardboard is shown as a cute cloud, and yarn of different colors is shown as a bright rainbow. A good craft for preschool and primary school children.

Snowdrops from Threads, Pipe Cleaner and Cotton Pads

Snowdrops from Threads

Here, in tandem with the yarn from which the snow-white flower is made, there is pipe cleaner as stems and leaves, as well as cotton pads, which are small snowdrifts. An interesting craft with a combination of three different materials.

Yarn Flowers

Yarn Flowers

You can make simple flowers from yarn, which can be an element of an collage, a decor option for any product. Flowers consist entirely of yarn, only in the very middle a decorating factor is added — a large rhinestone on a sticky basis.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This is a variant of Christmas crafts made of yarn, where, in addition to a Christmas tree made of green yarn, waste material is used — a disposable paper plate. An original idea for children’s art, it may need a little help from adults to properly use the hole punch.

Bracelet Made of Yarn and Cardboard Roll

Bracelet Made of Yarn and Cardboard Roll

An interesting decoration that children can make with their own hands. The basis here is an ordinary toilet paper roll, but still the yarn give it a look, color and completeness. By choosing their shade, you can create an individual decoration at your discretion. The craft is suitable not only for girls, but also boys can surprise their loved ones with their own hands: sister, grandmother, mother, girlfriend.

Yarn Crafts — Paper Plate Octopus 

Paper Plate Octopus Craft

The craft consists not only of yarn. This is a good combination of different materials: a disposable paper plate, yarn of different colors, cardboard, a wooden stick and plastic eyes. All together forms a toy craft – a moving octopus.

Yarn Dandelion

Yarn Dandelion

A variety of flowers can be made from yarn. In this work — a fluffy bright dandelion, which consists of yellow and green threads, as well as a wooden stick, which is a stable stem.

Paper Plate Garden Craft

Paper Plate Garden

The craft is appropriate for autumn-themed classes, where harvesting, for example, carrots, is discussed. An excellent visual aid and creativity useful for the development of children. For crafts, you will need brown yarn, a disposable paper plate, orange and green cardboard.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Another version of the octopus, where the tentacles are knitting threads, and the body is a piece of toilet paper roll. It is very easy to make such a craft, but you can also display a whole 3d collage of the water world, the main characters of which are funny and original octopuses.

Yarn Monster Craft

Yarn Monster

Children love to play, and it is especially interesting to do it with toys made by their own hands. Armed with pipe cleaner, plastic eyes and yarn, you can make a funny monster for games or as a Halloween craft.

Apple Basket Craft For Kids

Apple Basket Craft

Similar work to the garden, but instead of vegetables we have fruits, and instead of the garden — a basket. In addition, cardboard is used here, although it is quite possible to replace it with a disposable paper plate, which in no way will affect the idea and the final result.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

A miniature hat with a fluffy pom pom, the frame of which is a small piece of a toilet paper roll, and the rest of the material is a yarn of two colors. The hat can be made for dolls, but it can also be a cute decoration for the Christmas tree. The craft will require care, accuracy and perseverance.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch Craft

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

In fact, the threads in this craft form a fluffy two-color pom pom in white and red colors characteristic of a bullfinch. But the bird itself is made of black cardboard with the addition of plastic eyes. If you stick a loop to the craft, the bullfinch can become an excellent pendant, interior decoration, furniture, classrooms, windows.

Pom Pom Chicken

Pom pom Chicken

Yarn crafts often represent characters made from pom poms, which can be one or even several. Most often, these are two fluffy products that define the head and body, as, for example, in this chicken. The bird is complemented by plastic eyes and paws with a cardboard beak.

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