Accordion Paper Caterpillar on a Pear

Accordion Paper Caterpillar

An accordion paper caterpillar, especially if it is glued to a pear or an apple, looks original, funny springs and sways when pressed. But the caterpillar itself is an excellent craft, in an interesting and useful technique for children.

The following materials are used in the work:

  • Double-sided yellow cardboard;
  • Green, white and brown paper;
  • Moving eyes;
  • Ruler, simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pen.

Accordion Paper Caterpillar Step by Step

We Make an Accordion

The body of the caterpillar is an accordion that can stretch and squirm funny. To make it, cut two thin strips of green paper. The width of the strips depends on the desired track thickness. The length can be equal to the larger side of the A4 paper. But even from these dimensions, the caterpillar will turn out to be a bit short if you need it in its pure form. In other words, if a “caterpillar on a pear” composition is being created, then these dimensions are ideal. But if the caterpillar is made on its own, you will need to cut out two more such strips and glue them to the previous ones.

The strips are cut off, now fold their edges at a right angle and glue them together.

Start weaving an accordion. To do this, move one strip in turn, and then the second on it, bending the edges.

Follow the steps to the very end of the strips and glue the ends. As you can see, the harmonica is small, just for a pear. But for a caterpillar craft without a pear, use 4 strips.

Accordion Paper Caterpillar on a Pear

Use a template or draw your own caterpillar head. Children can depict it simply in a round form, and then glue the horns.

Glue on the eyes and draw a smile.

Glue the head to the accordion and you get such a funny caterpillar.

Accordion Paper Caterpillar

Draw a pear, or print from a template or the Internet. Cut out a pear from yellow cardstock. You will also need a simple green leaf and a brown stem. From white paper, cut out a circle approximately equal to the width of the caterpillar.

Glue together all the details of the pear, glue a white circle on it, and on top of the paper caterpillar with an accordion. Everything, an interesting and funny craft is ready. Such work can also be used as a collage, if, for example, a pear is drawn on a sheet or a tree with pears is depicted. The caterpillar will give the application an original and voluminous look.

Accordion Paper Caterpillar

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