Easy Origami Ghost — 2 Ways Step by Step

Easy origami ghost in two ways. Even children will cope with the first. Step by step instructions with detailed photos.


  • White paper;
  • Glue or paper eyes;
  • Markers.

Easy Origami Ghost: 1 Way

Easy Origami Ghost

Very easy origami that can be done in 6 easy steps.

Prepare white square paper.

Fold corner to corner to form a triangle. With this action, we outline the fold in the center.

Bend the side corners to the center fold.

And immediately direct the corners in different directions, making small folds.

Easy Origami Ghost

Round the head area by folding the top corner down.

Easy Origami Ghost

Flip over to the other side.

Easy Origami Ghost

Glue or draw eyes, mouth. The origami ghost is ready.

Easy Origami Ghost

Paper Ghost: 2 Way

Easy Origami Ghost

This model is a little more complicated than the previous one, but, in general, the work is easy.

At the initial stage, you also need a square piece of white paper. The sizes can be any.

Next, cross folds should be made. To do this, first fold the paper into a triangle, then open it and fold it into a triangle again, using the other two corners.

Open the paper and fold the side corners to the center.

Align the bottom corners in the same way. Right.


Now we will make the limbs for the ghost. Maybe it’s hands or feet. Open the right side.

And then point the corner up and press.

Repeat steps on the left side.

Flip over to the other side.

Fold the left corner towards the center.

Then the right one.

Turn over to the other side and lower the handles down a little. And bend the corner at the top back.

Easy Origami Ghost

Easy Origami Ghost

Fold the bottom corner back and to the right.

Easy Origami Ghost

Then bend it down.

Easy Origami Ghost

Draw eyes, smile. Easy origami ghost is ready.

Easy Origami Ghost

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