Origami Ice Cream Step by Step — How to Make Paper Ice Cream

Origami Ice Cream

Instructions, photos, a step-by-step overview of how to make origami ice cream. It consists of two parts — the horn and its contents.

Materials for creativity:

  • Colored paper of desired colors;
  • Decorative paper for the horn. Alternatively, a pencil or felt-tip pen with a ruler to draw a diamond-shaped check to represent the waffle pattern.

Origami Ice Cream Step by Step

As already mentioned, this paper dessert consists of two parts. Therefore, you will need two square segments of the same size for the horn and for filling it.

Stacking Ice Cream

Prepare paper in the form of a square.

Fold in half, turning into a triangle. This action will be needed solely to determine the middle.

Straighten to a square and center the right side.

Then point the left one there.

Flip over to the other side.

Connect the top to the bottom by folding the origami in half.

Return up, after making a small crease.

After a short gap, bend the corner down again.

Origami Ice Cream

And then back up, while creating a crease.

Origami Ice Cream

Flip over to the other side.

Point the bottom corner up.

Then down, again forming a fold.

Origami Ice Cream

Flip over to the other side. Ice cream is ready.

Origami Ice Cream

We Fold a Paper Horn

For it, you need a square segment of the same size as the one from which we made ice cream.

From top to bottom, connect the corners, creating a triangle.

Fold from right to left again, marking the middle.

Open the paper to a large triangle.

Center align the right side.

Then left.

Fold the top corners back to form a triangle.

We absolutely do not need these corners from behind, so they should be hidden in the middle. To do this, open the paper and point the corners inward.

Close the sides. The horn is ready.

Now we combine both components into one whole.

Origami Ice Cream

To do this, place the bottom corner of the ice cream in the middle of the cone.

Bend the side corners, completing the dessert, and at the same time fixing it into a complete unit.

Origami Ice Cream

Turn over, origami paper ice cream is ready. It looks beautiful in a variety of colors, from delicate pastels to bright and saturated ones.

Origami Ice Cream

Origami Ice Cream

To your attention is another way to fold origami ice cream with a cone.

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