Halloween Crafts for Kids — TOP Step by Step Ideas

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Simple Halloween crafts for kids creativity. Spiders, witches, bats, ghosts, pumpkins made of paper and other materials.

As usual, an overview of Halloween-themed crafts collected in one place. All links are exclusively within the site tratatuha.com.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Witch Crafts

Origami Witch

Origami Witch

Origami witch consists of two parts — head and body. Refers to easy children’s origami, as all actions are clear and easy.

Paper Witch Craft

Paper Witch

The paper witch craft in the presented version is easy to create, it will require a minimum of time and materials. The witch is one of the main characters of Halloween. Most often they try on a witch image with the appropriate costume, makeup and attributes, but you can also create a mystical entourage in your own home.

Bat Crafts

Paper Bat Craft

Paper Bat

One of the main characters of Halloween is the bat. There are many ways to create it, but let’s focus on the simplest — paper bats. A bat created using this method looks original and funny. You can make a lot of these mice and hang them all over the apartment. Or glue it to a thin wooden stick and stick it into a pencil case, a pencil holder, a flowerpot, where fantasy tells.

Paper Strips Bat Craft

Paper Strips Bat

This paper strip bat is a fun craft for school-age kids to make around Halloween. Work requires attention, perseverance, accuracy.

Origami Bat

Origami Bat

Origami bat of medium difficulty. Follow the step-by-step actions presented in the form of a photo.

Easy Origami Bat

Easy Origami Bat

Easy origami bat for beginners and kids. A very simple way, including only 8 steps.

Toilet Paper Roll Bat

Toilet Paper Roll Bat

Continuing the topic of Halloween crafts, I would like to introduce an amusing bat made of a toilet paper roll and a paper accordion. The bat looks extremely harmonious, and it is not difficult at all to make it. Everything is fast and easy.

Clay Bat

Clay Bat

Tutorial for kids — a clay bat. A simple step-by-step method with a photo.

Ghost Crafts

Easy Origami Ghost

Easy origami ghost in two ways. Even children will cope with the first. Step by step instructions with detailed photos.

Smiling Origami Ghost

Origami Ghost

You can make this origami ghost on the eve of Halloween. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will be able to craft this funny ghost. Speaking of materials, you will only need colored paper of any shade you like. Ideally, we would recommend using special origami paper which has the right density and shape – it is usually square.

Easy Paper Ghost

Paper Ghost

As a Halloween craft with kids, you can make a funny swinging paper ghost. The work is extremely easy, kids will love the process of work and the final, fun and interesting result. By the way, the craft can be a toy for very young children, older brothers and sisters can make them such fun.

Accordion Paper Ghost

Accordion Paper Ghost

Funny accordion paper ghost step by step. Easy way, interesting idea. A template is included to help.

Spider Crafts

Paper Strips Spider Craft

Paper Strips Spider

A paper strip spider is a simple craft for kids. A funny fat spider can be a great option for Halloween crafts.

Kirigami Paper Spider Web

Origami Spider

In the kit for the spider, we need a kirigami paper spider web. The work is not difficult, the main thing is to fold the paper correctly.

Origami Spider

Origami spider step by step. Detailed instructions with photos. One of the options for what a paper spider can be.

Chestnut Spider Craft

Chestnut Spider

A simple and interesting craft for children is a chestnut spider. It can be timed to coincide with the autumn holiday, and in black — for Halloween.

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Use the easiest way possible to make a pipe cleaner spider. A minimum amount of actions and efforts, a great kids’ craft of a pleasant material. Such a spider can be made for as a part of an autumn craft – a spider on a web. Also, it’s a great Halloween craft option. Moreover, kids are fond of making all kinds of insects quick and easily just for fun. Besides, crafts made of this fluffy wire look amusing, are pleasant to the touch, and attractive.

Pumpkin Crafts

Origami Pumpkin for Halloween

Easy Halloween origami. Step-by-step instruction with detailed photos. Easy and fast creative work.

Monster Crafts

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Incredibly funny, little scary but also funny Halloween toilet paper roll Monsters. It is very interesting to make them because there are no limits, only your personal fantasy. I will show you some ideas of Halloween monsters but it is not at all difficult to come up with your own character, using different colors of paper, the number of eyes, coming up with new awesome details.

Monster Corner Bookmarks

Monster Corner Bookmarks

Funny monster corner bookmarks for books, made in the technique of origami. The technique is simple for children and beginners.

Yarn Monster Craft

Yarn Monster

This tutorial presents a simple but fun craft — a yarn monster. Bright funny toy is sure to please kids.

Black Cat Crafts

Paper Cat Craft for Kids

Paper Cat Craft

The cone is an easy base for any craft. This is a ready-made body for a funny character. On the eve of Halloween, a cone can make a great paper cat. But you can also make such a cat on any other day, choose a different color for it, up to several, because cats of different colors are very beautiful, and even bring good luck.

Origami Black Cat

Origami Black Cat

This origami black cat consists of two parts – a head and a body. But both parts are simple, so making it will not be much effort.

How to Make Paper Claws

Paper Claws

Interested in how to make paper claws? Would you like to complete your intimidating image? This tutorial is for you. Origami claws step by step with a photo.

Halloween Paper Lantern

Halloween Paper Lantern

A Halloween paper lantern made from a toilet roll is very quick and easy to make. Instead of a roll, you can use any cardboard roll, which will absolutely not affect the final form of the craft.

Black Crow Craft

Origami Crow

Origami Crow

This origami crow is not simple, but talking. But the main thing is that even children can cope with the work. Follow the step by step photo instructions and everything will work out.

Paper Crow

Paper Crow

A paper crow based on a cone looks interesting and funny. Be sure to make it with the children, the craft is very easy. The only difficult action for children may be the design of the cone. But with proper paper preparation, this should not be a problem.

Accordion Paper Crow

Accordion Paper Crow Craft

We are replenishing the collection of paper birds, and this time it is a accordion paper crow craft. An interesting craft for children, a useful technique for developing fine motor skills, perseverance and logic.

The collection of Halloween crafts will be updated with new ideas and interesting characters.

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