Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

An excellent craft for the Christmas can be a handprint Christmas tree. Making it is easy and fun. Kids like to trace their palms, and then proudly show the result to their loved ones.

You can even decorate a real Christmas tree with such a craft if you attach a loop at the top.

Earlier, we already made an applique of a handprint Christmas tree, where there were much more handprint, and the Christmas tree was located on cardboard. The same option is a craft, as it does not require a base and can be a decoration for walls, Christmas trees, doors.

What you need for work:

  • Green paper or cardboard;
  • Green cardboard and yellow;
  • Colored paper of different colors;
  • Figured hole punch;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids Step by Step

Circle and cut out 3 handprint from green paper or cardboard. It is more difficult for kids to cut out of cardboard, but the Christmas tree will be dense and integral. After using glue, the paper may warp in places, unlike cardboard, which will remain unchanged.

Glue the handprint: two on the sides, and one on top.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Cut out a trunk from brown cardboard, and an asterisk from yellow. You can draw it yourself, or use any available template. If desired, you can even make an origami star.

Glue the pieces to the tree.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

The craft is almost ready, it remains to decorate it.

To do this, using a figured hole punch, cut out a lot of balls of different colors.

Glue the balloons to the craft.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Everything, the handprint Christmas tree craft for kids is completely ready.

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