Clay Christmas Tree — Step by Step Easy Way for Kids

Clay Christmas Tree

Bright simple clay Christmas tree in a step-by-step review with a photo. The main actions are rolling a thin flagellum, and then folding it into an elongated, conical spiral.

The Christmas is a great occasion to create various decorations and crafts. In this case, a variety of materials can be used. Clay is suitable for young kids, from which we will sculpt the Christmas craft shown in the tutorial.

What is used in the work:

  • Green clay for the Christmas tree;
  • Small pieces of red, orange and blue clay – for decoration;
  • Golden clay for a star;
  • Stack, stand on the table for working with clay.

Clay Christmas Tree Step by Step

The main color of our craft will be green. Therefore, from clay of this color, we first roll up the ball.

Then we begin to roll it out in the form of a sausage.

It is required to make this sausage as long as possible, while at one end it should be a little thicker, and at the other narrower.

Now you can start shaping the Christmas tree. To do this, we will twist the resulting green sausage in a spiral. It is important to ensure that the top turns get smaller with each turn.

And so we gradually form a cone, which will be the main of our clay Christmas tree.

Clay Christmas Tree

We Decorate the Christmas Tree from Clay

You can start decorating. First, we will make a star, which will be at the top of the tree. To do this, take a piece of golden clay and flatten it slightly.

Then we cut an asterisk from this blank with a stack. We decorate the top of the Christmas tree with a star.

Clay Christmas Tree

Other decorations will be ordinary balls, which we roll up from red, blue and orange clay.

It remains to evenly distribute these balls on the forest beauty. Here we have such an elegant Christmas tree made of clay.

Clay Christmas Tree

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