Snowman Craft with Paper Strips

Snowman Craft

A great idea for a Christmas craft is a snowman made from strips of paper. The technique is easy, interesting and very popular.

Many characters and objects can be made from stripes. For example, the site already presents a tutorial of a voluminous bunny made of stripes and a chicken, as well as cute balls that can be used as toys for the Christmas tree or a garland decorating the room.

What will be needed for work?

  • White cardboard. Any white thick paper, such as watercolor, will do. The thin one is not very suitable for such crafts, because the upper ball presses the lower one, which spoils the whole look;
  • Red paper and orange, optionally – pipe cleaner;
  • Moving eyes, but you can replace them with paper ones;
  • Black felt-tip pen, ruler, simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Snowman Craft with Paper Strips Step by Step

For one ball you will need 4 strips. The snowman’s head is slightly smaller than the bottom, so the stripes should be of different lengths. For example, in this version, the long stripes for the body are 25 cm, and those that are shorter, of which there will be a snowman’s head, are 20 cm. The width of the strips is 1.5 cm.

Draw with a pencil and cut 8 strips.

We make a head

We take short strips to work.

Fold them all in half to fold in the middle.

Glue two strips crosswise so that they intersect at the folds.

Glue the third and fourth on top between these two strips. It will look like a snowflake.

Now this snowflake needs to be turned into a ball. To do this, glue the ends of the lowest strip together.

From above, first glue one tip of the cross strip, and then the second.

Glue the remaining ends of the strips to make a round paper ball.

Make a ball of longer strips in exactly the same way.

Snowman Craft with Paper Strips

On a smaller ball, glue a triangle of orange paper, which will be the nose-carrot of a snowman, as well as eyes. With a black felt-tip pen, draw a smile in the form of dots or as you wish.

Snowman Craft with Paper Strips

The head of a snowman from strips of paper is ready.

Create an attractive snowman image

Apply glue to a large paper ball and glue a small one to it. Press well with your fingers. You can use double-sided tape here, it will fasten two balls much faster and more reliably.

For a beautiful and complete look, make a snowman a hat or cap. The cap is simpler, you need to cut out a circle, given the size of the snowman’s head, and cut off its half.

And then twist this half into a cone and glue it.

You can also make hands with mittens. The arms are simple white stripes, and red paper mittens are glued to the ends. They can even be made simply in the form of a long semi-oval. For a scarf, you will need a fairly long strip of red paper.

Glue a cone on the snowman’s head, applying glue to the edges inside. Even better, in the same place, but in two or three places stick double-sided tape.

Glue hands on the sides of the snowman, attach a scarf to the neck. A snowman made of strips of paper is ready, if desired, it can be decorated, for example, with snowflakes, sequins, glitter.

If there is pipe cleaner, the work can be simplified even more: make headphones and a scarf out of fluffy colorful wire.

Snowman Craft with Paper Strips

And here is a snowman with another Christmas character – a deer made of paper stripes. As you can see, the techniques are absolutely identical. You can also learn how to make Santa Claus from strips of paper.

Snowman Craft with Paper Strips

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