How to Draw a Beaver — Step by Step for Kids

How to Draw a Beaver

Step-by-step lesson on the topic — how to draw a beaver. These are easy lessons for children, from simple to complex.

Prepare materials for drawing:

  • A simple pencil and an eraser;
  • Paper;
  • Colored pencils or crayons.

How to Draw a Beaver — 1 Way

It’s not difficult to draw such a beaver, since it consists of simple shapes and details: ovals, circles, simple lines.

How to Draw a Beaver

Let’s start with the head, draw a circle slightly offset to the side.

Draw another circle at the bottom of the head to represent the body of the animal.

Let’s go back to the head and finish the muzzle. Draw a curved line from side to side.

Draw a semicircle for the nose and two small round eyes.

Draw a line from the nose down, and then two branches in different directions.

Add large teeth in the form of a rectangle delimited in half.

Erase the lines crossing the teeth and draw small oval ears.

On the body, draw a round tummy.

Add two legs on the sides.

How to Draw a Beaver

Erase the lines crossing the side paws and go down to the lower paws, which you will display as two ovals.

Erase part of the oval in the body area and the beaver drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Beaver

Color in suitable colors with a pencil, crayons or felt-tip pens.

How to Draw a Beaver

How to Draw a Beaver — Method 2

This version of the drawing is a little more complicated than the previous one. But, following the step-by-step photos, you can easily get the job done. This beaver will have 4 legs and its position will be horizontal.

How to Draw a Beaver

Draw a round head with one side slightly elongated, where the nose will later be located.

Add the body. Children can display it as a slightly elongated circle.

Erase the intersecting lines so that the head and body become one.

Go back to the face, draw the ears, nose, teeth and eye.

Add a tail at the back.

Now let’s move on to the paws. Mark the border with a semicircle and short lines.

Draw small ovals as shown in the picture.

Now all that remains is to erase the unnecessary lines that arose during the step-by-step drawing process, and you can also complete the borders of the claws on the paws.

How to Draw a Beaver

In principle, the beaver drawing is ready, but you can also draw lines on the tail and draw hairs.

How to Draw a Beaver

Color the drawing in the desired and appropriate colors.

How to Draw a Beaver

How to Draw a Beaver

The step-by-step lesson on how to draw a beaver is finished. Draw easily and with pleasure!

There are many other step-by-step works in the section — how to draw.

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