Clay Bicycle for Kids

Clay Bicycle

Step-by-step lesson on the topic — a clay bicycle. A simple method for children with step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions.

From an early age, a child learns to ride a bicycle. First, he masters a three-wheeled vehicle, then, if desired, switches to a four-wheeled one. And only later can he confidently ride a two-wheeled bicycle. This is what we are making in today’s tutorial.

For your information, you can also learn how to make a scooter out of clay.

To make such a bicycle we will use:

  • clay of two colors;
  • stack.

Clay Bicycle Step by Step

First, let’s create the wheels. For them, initially we roll 2 balls.

Then we carefully flatten these blanks to form even circles. To do this, you can use a flat, flat object.

We will form a frame from a different color of clay. To do this, first roll up 3 flagella of different lengths.

We form from them the base of the frame for the future bicycle, while connecting 2 wheels.

From the same green clay we mold 2 more parts.

We add them to our clay craft.

Let’s make a small seat and use lilac clay for it.

Clay Bicycle

We’ll make the steering wheel the same color. We roll up a small “sausage”, bend it and secure it in the front part.

Clay Bicycle

All that’s left is to add the pedals. Our clay bicycle is ready.

Clay Bicycle

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