Making a Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

Following up the same subject, let us learn how to craft a toy pig using a cardboard tube. It is another simple way to make a finny paper pig that even children will be able to handle.

For our creativity, we will need:

  • a double-sided pink cardboard (you may choose a different color if you like)
  • pink paper for making a snout. Use a darker or a lighter shade of pink for a snout to make it more distinctive. A pink button can become a great alternative as well;
  • Moving eyes bought at a store or made of paper by yourself;
  • Red marker pen, regular pencil, glue stick and white glue, scissors.

Step-by-step guide to making a pig out of a cardboard tube

Cut a strip of cardboard of any width you like. It doesn’t matter if the strip is too long – you can always cut off the excess cardboard later.

Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

Roll a strip of paper into a cylinder and choose the right width as you do. It will determine how your pig will look like. You can make it skinny if the tube is too narrow or your pig may become fat and imposing if you give it a fairly wide torso.

Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

By the way, you can quite successfully replace the cardboard cylinder with a toilet paper roll painted in pink or covered with paper. This website presents two more options for crafting toy pigs out of toilet paper rolls.

Prepare the parts

  • Draw any piggy head you like. You can draw a simple circle with ears since it is still a snout which plays the biggest part in making our picture look like a pig. It is very important to make your pig’s head circumference equal to the circumference of its body or one millimeter wider.
  • Cut a simple circle equal to the circumference of the cylinder – you will need to glue it to the pig’s back;
  • Cut a small circle with nostrils for a snout and prepare the eyes;
  • Cut four strips for legs. Make triangular cut-outs at the end of each strip and paint the hooves with a red or brown marker pen. It is important to use cardboard for making legs to make the pig firmly stand on the ground and keep its feet together;
  • You will also need a narrow strip for a tail. You can curl it right away.

Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

Apply a thin layer of white glue onto the edges of the tube and glue the head to one side and a circle of paper to the other. Glue the legs to the sides and attach the tail. That’s it: your DIY pig made of cardboard tube is now ready to go!

Pig Out of a Cardboard Tube

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