Imposing Paper Roll Pig

Paper Roll Pig

The piggy can be made in many ways, so we continue this topic and this time we have a fat, lazy and imposing (as it should be) pig made of paper rolls.

You will need such materials as:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard or pink paper. It should be noted that the crafts made of cardboard are more stable, but it is much easier for children to work with paper, especially when rolling small parts.
  • The googly eyes or the ones made by you from white paper.
  • The scissors, ruler, graphite pencil, glue stick.
  • Upon request, the green cardboard for the lawn. Although it would be much more realistic to take a cardboard with an earthy hue, as most often pigs like to sit in the swamp or in a puddle, then take the blue cardboard.

Paper Roll Pig Step by Step

The character is almost entirely made of different sized rolls. Therefore, you need to cut off the various strips:

  • The widest one for the body;
  • A little narrower one for the head;
  • 4 small strips for the legs;
  • One strip will be a piglet;
  • 2 strips will turn into the ears;
  • Very thin one will become a tail.

Paper Roll Pig

The proportions depend on the desired size of the pig. In any case, everything is very arbitrary, especially since the excess can always be cut off. In the process of creation you may roll and adjust the width of all parts of the character being created.

Make the rolls of all the strips and glue them. Glue only the tips of the 2 ear strips. Twist the tail in a ring or spiral.

Paper Roll Pig

Final stage

Glue all the details. Optionally, cut a lawn (swamp or puddle) of random shape. Glue the legs to the largest roll which is the body and press the rear legs a little. Then attach the body with glue to the lawn.

Make a separate head, glue the ears, piglet, eyes, and draw the nostrils. Finally, glue the head to the body and attach the tail at the back. That’s it, the paper roll pig is ready. Despite the long description, the work is quick and easy.

Paper Roll Pig

Paper Roll Pig

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