Tin Can Pig Craft

Tin Can Pig

Interested in crafts made from waste material? To your attention, a tin can pig is a very simple craft for children’s creativity.

What you need from the materials:

  • Tin can;
  • Pink paper;
  • Red cardboard and some black paper;
  • Adhesive eyes (or homemade from paper);
  • Ruler, simple pencil, black felt-tip pen, white glue.

Tin Can Pig Craft Step by Step

Prepare the jar, remove the paper sticker from it. If the sticker is faded, it is quite possible not to peel it off, but if there is a bright pattern, it can show through the pink paper, which will have a bad effect on the appearance of the craft. The jar can be used in any size.

Measure the height and circumference of the can with paper or thread and transfer the data to pink paper. Cut a strip to the appropriate size.

Glue the pink piece to the jar with white glue or double-sided tape.

Tin Can Pig

Prepare simple small details that characterize the pig.

  • Cut out an oval for the patch from red cardboard;
  • Prepare black nostrils with a hole punch (they can also be drawn with a black felt-tip pen);
  • Cut out two small ovals from red cardboard for the ears;
  • Prepare your eyes. They can also be made from paper.

Glue the nostrils, and then the patch itself in the center of the jar. Add ears on top, the tips of which are twisted down with a pencil. Glue on the eyes and draw the eyebrows with a smile.

Tin Can Pig

That’s it, the tin can pig is ready. The craft can be an excellent container for pencils, felt-tip pens, small parts.

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