Paper Cup Pig Craft for Kids

Cup pig

For this work, you can use either plastic or paper cup. You will get an amazing cup pig; and what’s even more important – it’s extremely easy to make it; the whole process will take very little time.

For this work you will need:

  • A paper cup;
  • Gouache;
  • Pink coloured construction paper;
  • A brush, scissors, a writing pencil, a glue stick, a black felt pen.

Paper Cup pig step-by-step

Since I had a paper cup, it should have been easy to cover it with paint. However, my cup turned out to be of a strange white and brown colour with inscriptions; thus, it was more difficult to paint it than if I had a light and sole-coloured one. It would be perfect to have a pink cup. Toy can choose a cup of a suitable colour or cover it with paper. But there is a peculiarity here – it’s very difficult to glue paper to a plastic cup. It’s recommended to use a double-sided adhesive tape. The situation with paint is even worse.

Cup pig

Therefore, the best option is to take a light paper cup or a pink, beige or as a last resort yellow plastic one. Moreover, this year’s trend is a sand colour pig.

Additional details

We have finished with the cup. In this variant it is covered with two shades of gouache paint.

Draw and cut out two ears, a thin stripe for a tail and a considerably large oval or circle for a snout. You can make either paper eyes or glue googly eyes. Draw spots on the snout and eyes with a felt pen.

Cup pig

Glue all the parts to the cup; don’t forget to twist the tail a little. It’s better to use a double-sided adhesive tape to attach the parts to a plastic cup. That’s it, the paper cup pig is completely ready.

Cup pig

Of course, you can go on creating and add a smile, brows and eyelashes to it. Make some kind of a headwear and even a fringe. Everything your imagination can invent.

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