Pop-up Hand Card for Kids

Pop-up Hand Card

A simple, but at the same time original pop-up hand card, in the center of which there can be a heart, a flower, or a candy.

The surprise is selected depending on personal preferences and the holiday in honor of which the card is dedicated. For example, for a birthday you can cut out a funny animal, a sun, a smiley face, for Christmas you can place a tiny snowman, Christmas tree, or snowflake inside your palms. See also a selection — Handprint Crafts.

To work you will need:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick;
  • Pen or markers to sign the card.

Pop-up Hand Card Step by Step

Prepare a rectangular piece of thick paper, keeping in mind that if you fold it in half, the resulting area should fit your hand.

Fold the cardboard in half.

From the fold side, place your hand and trace it without the wrist.

Without laying out the paper, cut out the drawn palm. There is no need to trim the folded side.

Pop-up Hand Card

Open the paper and you will have two joined palms.

Pop-up Hand Card

Place, for example, a heart or a flower in your open palms. It is on a stand, which is a small strip of cardboard. Also cut out a heart, you can decorate it with glitter, cut it out of beautiful structured paper, or stick a smaller heart of a different color on top.

Fold the strip in half and glue it to the center of your palm.

Attach a paper heart to the top of it, cover the rest of the palm with small hearts and sign it.

Pop-up Hand Card

The pop-up hand card is ready, you can close it and give it to the hero of the occasion.

Pop-up Hand Card

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