Paper Elephant Craft

Elephant Craft

We continue making amusing crafts of paper cones and this time it will be a paper elephant craft.

For the craft, you will need the following materials:

  • Grey paper or cardboard. Optionally, you can use light beige paper. These colors are used to make the elephant look realistic, but kids may present their vision of the elephant and make it pink or blue, for example;
  • A bit of yellow or white cardboard for tusks;
  • White paper for eyes, but you can replace it with ready-made moving eyes;
  • Scissors, a writing pencil, a glue stick, compasses, a black felt pen.

Paper Elephant Craft Step by Step


The elephant’s body is a cone, which should be made at the very first stage. To make quite a narrow cone, you will need a circle quarter. To make it, use compasses to draw a circle of the required size and divide it into 4 parts. Use one of them to make a cone. But for paper saving reasons, you can circle only a paper corner and cut it off.

Make a cone of this segment and glue the edges together.


You will need two legs for the craft, which are cone-shaped as well. To make them, you should cut two quarters off the circle again, but make them a little narrower; in other words, you should cut off one of each quarter’s sides. The circle should be half as large as the one used for the body.

Twist the pieces to make 2 cones, cut out a tail – a straight thin strip, expanding on one side. At the bottom of the legs, draw three wavy lines.

Elephant Craft

Paper Elephant Craft — Head

Use a template and cut the elephant’s head, making allowances for your craft size.

Kids can draw the head themselves to make their own unique animal. Also, cut out yellow or white tusks and two white circles for eyes.

Elephant Craft

Stick the tusks and eyes to the elephant’s head, draw pupils with a black felt pen.

Now, it’s time to assemble all the elephant’s parts. To do this, glue the legs, tail, and then the head to the cone-shaped body. That’s all, the paper elephant craft is ready.

Elephant Craft

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