Paper Wolf: Roll Crafts for Kids

Paper wolf

This terrible and frightening paper wolf is a simple kids’ craft, which can be easily made of a roll, roll core, or cardboard cylinder.
If this paper wolf looks too repulsive for children, you should change the eyes to round ones and the character will turn to a kind one at once.

For this craft you will need the following materials:

  • Toilet paper roll core, but you can use cardboard that can be rolled easily;
  • Grey paper and grey cardboard;
  • A bit of red, yellow, and white paper;
  • A green felt pen, a glue stick, a writing pencil, scissors.

How to Make a Paper Wolf?

Roll a rectangular piece of grey cardboard and glue the edges together. Or cover the toilet paper roll core with grey paper, having specified the dimensions beforehand.

Paper wolf

Paper wolf

Make easy parts that are not difficult to draw. Including:

  • Two paws of grey cardboard;
  • A tail with serration on one side;
  • Two triangular ears;
  • Two yellow semicircles for frightening eyes;
  • Red tongue;
  • A nose. Here, it consists of two parts, but you can draw and cut the whole nose at once;
  • White teeth.

Paper wolf

Use glue to stick the parts to the body. To make it convenient to glue the tail, paws, and nose, you should bend the area you apply glue to. That’s it, the frightening paper wolf is complete.

Paper wolf

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