Origami Elephant for Kids — Step by Step Tutorial

Origami Elephant

Origami elephant for kids consists of two pieces of paper. It consists of a head and a body, very simple and understandable. Kids can easily cope with this art work.


  • Double-sided colored paper;
  • Moving eyes (you can also make homemade ones from paper);
  • Scissors, glue, black marker.

How to make an origami elephant?

Prepare two pieces of paper in a square shape. The head should be 4 cm smaller. That is, if the sides of a large square are 10 cm each, and a small one, respectively, 6 cm.

Folding the Head of an Elephant

Place a smaller piece of paper in front of you.

Fold two opposite corners together to define the middle.

Open the paper. Align the right side and the left side along the center fold.

Redirect the corners from the middle outward.

Fold down a small area of ​​the top corner.

Origami Elephant

Turn the part over, you can see that you get an origami elephant head with ears and a trunk. Glue on the eyes and draw folds on the trunk. If desired, you can do without folds, if they remind you of a sad smile.

Origami Elephant

Folding the Body

For the body, use a larger square piece.

Fold it in half, connecting the opposite sides.

Then open and connect the other two sides to make cross folds.

Open the paper and fold along the sides, about a third to the fold area.

Fold the resulting part in half, connecting the top to the bottom.

Origami Elephant

On one side, bend a small corner. The body is ready. You can also attach a tail to it.

Origami Elephant

Glue the head to the body to make such an origami elephant for kids.

Origami Elephant

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