Seal Paper Craft — Easy Way Step by Step

Seal Paper

A very easy seal paper craft. A voluminous ball made of paper gives it a special feature, although the seal is quite cute without it.

Materials for creativity:

  • Colored cardboard;
  • Colored paper;
  • Black marker;
  • A simple pencil, glue, scissors.

Seal Paper Craft Step by Step

Prepare the cardboard of the desired color. The shape is preferably rectangular.

Fold the paper in half and draw the outline of a seal on it. This is a very simple drawing, just a semicircle with small branches on the sides. The main thing is that the edge of the semicircle runs along the fold of the cardboard.

Cut along the outline of the pattern, but an uncut fold should remain on top.

Seal Paper

Thanks to this, the craft can be installed in a vertical position. And the work itself will be voluminous. This is approximately the result you should have after cutting out the seal.

Seal Paper

Prepare the small parts of the animal:

  • Black eyes;
  • Round muzzle;
  • Pink blush.

Seal Paper

Glue the components to the body, draw a nose, a smile, a mustache. The seal paper craft is ready.

You can attach a ball to his forehead. It can be a simple flat circle, especially if the children are small. But you can also complicate the task and make the ball voluminous.

Seal Paper

Volume Ball Made of Paper

To do this, you need 4 mugs of paper.

Each circle should be folded in half.

Apply a thin strip of PVA glue to the fold area.

And then glue, alternating colors, the second and subsequent circles.

Paper Circles Birds

Straighten the side edges, and you get such a voluminous ball.

Paper Circles Birds

Many other ideas in the collection of Paper Animals Craft.

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