3D Easter Egg Card

3D Easter Egg Card

3D Easter egg card is an excellent choice of Easter creativity for children. It is very easy to make, because the main effort is cutting out ovals of different sizes.

The following materials are used in the work:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Double-sided colored paper;
  • Decorative ribbon, you can take a ribbon, a string, and make such a bow from a long strip of paper;
  • Egg template;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

3D Easter Egg Card Step by Step

Print or draw any egg template. There are many different egg options online with slightly different shapes. Or use this.

You will need 3 sizes. The first one for the Easter card base is the largest egg. The second one is a little smaller to glue in the middle. And the third template is the smallest, from which you will need to create a three-dimensional egg.

Cut out a large egg from cardboard and smaller ones from cardboard or colored paper.

Glue the smaller one in the middle of the larger one.

How to Make a 3d Egg

Now start creating a beautiful and colorful three-dimensional egg. To do this, cut out 6 egg blanks of the third, smallest size.

As you can see, everyone has the same shape, even the eggs, which are larger. You can cut it out of either cardboard or colored paper. Cardboard holds its shape better, but paper is easier for children to work with.

Fold each oval piece in half.

Now glue all the halves together. You will get such a 3d egg.

If it is required in a separate version, as a craft, you need to make another such work from 6 halves, and then glue them together. Alternatively, cut out 12 ovals at once, fold them all in half, and then glue them all together at once, completing the circle.

In this version, there is no need to complete the circle; the outer halves are not glued to each other, but glued to the base cardboard.

3D Easter Egg Card

The 3D Easter egg card is almost ready; you can sign it and decorate it with a fabric or paper bow.

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