Floral Egg Holder Craft

Egg Holder

An excellent Easter craft is an egg holder in the shape of a flower. By experimenting with the shape and color of the petals, as well as the coloring of the egg, you can create a whole flower garden, bright and beautiful.

What materials will you need?

  • Colored double-sided cardboard;
  • Green paper;
  • A toilet paper roll or a little more than half a paper napkin roll;
  • White glue, simple pencil, scissors, compass.

Floral Egg Holder Craft Step by Step

Wrap the roll in green construction paper and cut out a rectangle.

Glue the piece onto the roll.

Draw or print a template of any flower and cut it out on colored paper in duplicate. The flowers can be of different colors and one of them must be slightly smaller.

If you wish, use this template.

Measure the circumference of the egg just above the middle and cut out circles with that diameter in the center of the flowers. Some eggs may be large enough not to fall through the roll. In this case, the holes on the paper flowers can correspond to the circumference of the roll.

To create splendor and volume, use a pencil to curl the petals of both flowers upward.

Apply a thin line of white glue to the edge of the roll and glue the large flower.

Then glue the smaller one on top. If necessary, lift the petals a little more. Place an egg in the hole; ideally, it should go in with difficulty, and when you press it, the flower petals rise up even more and more beautifully.

Egg Holder

Add green leaves to the sides of the roll (optional) and the flower-shaped egg holder is ready. This is a great craft for Easter.

Egg Holder

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