Paper Roll Chick Craft

Paper Roll Chick Craft

Paper roll chick is a great craft for Easter and more. Making it is easy and interesting, using a minimum of materials and time.

For work, prepare:

  • Cardboard or yellow paper;
  • Some orange cardboard;
  • Green cardboard;
  • Googly eyes. But they can also be made from paper, drawn with marker;
  • Pencil, scissors, glue.

Paper Roll Chick Craft Step by Step

Prepare two strips of paper. One of them should be a little thinner and smaller. The sizes are arbitrary, there are no exact settings here.

Roll the strips into rolls and glue them together.

Glue the large roll to the small one. The body is ready.

Paper Roll Chick Craft

Draw and cut out the remaining simple parts of the chicken. This:

  • Two strips, rounded at one end, which will be the paws;
  • Diamond made of orange cardboard. When bent, it looks like a slightly open beak;
  • Two wings made of yellow cardboard. It can also be made from paper.

The chicken looks beautiful in a clearing, and if it is made of paper and not cardboard, then the clearing gives it stability.

Draw and cut out a free-form clearing from green cardboard. Glue the chicken’s feet to it.

Attach the body to the paws.

Paper Roll Chick Craft

Complete the funny character by gluing on his eyes, beak, and wings.

If desired, you can also add a ponytail with a bow to the craft. To do this, you need to cut a small piece of yellow paper on one side into thin strips. Squeeze it a little and attach a bow. Then glue it on the top roll-head. The ponytail strands are slightly curled using a pencil.

Paper Roll Chick Craft

But even without a tail and a bow, the paper rolls chick is intact and cute. The same technique was used to make a bunny, as well as a paper roll ladybug craft.

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