Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft Step by Step

Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Lion toilet paper roll craft step by step. A simple top hat craft for kids. An interesting idea for crafts from waste material.

What you need for creative work:

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Yellow paper and yellow cardboard;
  • Orange paper, pink, white;
  • Compasses, scissors, glue.

Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft Step by Step

Prepare a piece of yellow paper that will frame the sleeve. Simply wrap the sleeve with paper without pressing, measure the desired length and height, cut it off.

Cover the roll with paper. The cylindrical body is ready.

Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Let’s move on to the head. For her, you need a yellow circle of cardboard and a centimeter more – an orange circle of paper.

From the orange circle we will make a curly lion’s mane.

To do this, you can outline a circle in the middle of the orange to make the same cuts.

The ends of the cuts need to be twisted.

Complete the animal’s head. Glue the ears, eyes, muzzle with a heart, nose, draw a mustache, eyebrows to the yellow round cardboard.

Then glue the head to the mane.

Lion Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Also prepare the tail and paws.

Now the easiest stage of work: attach the head to the sleeve, the tail at the back, and the paws from below.

Lion Toilet Paper Roll

Everything, the lion toilet paper roll is ready.

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