Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

We continue crafting various characters made of paper rolls. This time it’s penguins. It’s extremely easy and quick to make them.

For this craft you should take:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls, if you are going to make a penguin couple;
  • Black, orange, blue, pink, and white colored paper;
  • A glue stick, scissors, a writing pencil, a ruler.
  • Moving eyes.

If for some reason toilet paper rolls don’t suit you, make small cardboard tubes or cut a paper towels roll into pieces. If you have no ready-made eyes, you can make them of white and black paper.

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Measure the roll by wrapping it in black paper and marking the dimensions you need. Cut off the rectangles.

Glue the roll over with this paper, thoroughly applying glue to the edges together and a little bit to the middle so that the paper doesn’t slip.

Cut 2 pear-shaped pieces out of white paper; they should be a little bit shorter than the roll.

Attach these white pieces to the rolls; do your best to stick them evenly, keeping the same distance from the top and the bottom if possible.

Prepare small parts:

  • Two orange triangles – for nibs;
  • Four orange squares with two rounded corners – for paws;
  • Pink and blue bows.

Stick eyes to the toilet paper roll penguins; draw eyelashes for the girl. Go on with the nibs, paws, and accessories.

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Draw plain petal-shaped pieces and cut them out of black paper, which will make the penguins’ wings.

Glue them onto the sides and slightly fold their bottom part upwards.

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

You will get such a cute and nice penguin pair.


The paper roll penguins with penguins made of cones.

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

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