Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

An original craft for children – a toilet paper roll peacock. The sleeve can be replaced with rolled cardboard.


  • Paper roll;
  • Blue, light blue and yellow paper;
  • Scissors, glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Step by Step

Prepare the roll or make it out of blue cardboard by simply rolling the rectangle into a roll or cylinder.

If you used a roll, it must be pasted over with blue paper. Measure the sleeve with it and cut it out. As a rule, the length of the segment is 16 cm, and the width is 9 cm.
Cover the roll with paper.

On one side, press the edges so that they touch in the middle. You will get such protruding corners on the sides.

Prepare additional details:

  • 2 yellow paws;
  • Diamond beak;
  • Any eyes (paper, plastic).

Glue the eyes, beak and paws.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock
Now it’s time to prepare the main beauty of the peacock – its chic tail.
To do this, we need a lot of paper strips. These stripes are equal in length to the narrow side of A4 paper, that is, 21 cm. And in width – 1.3 cm. The stripes can be in two or more colors.

Glue the ends of the strips and press the rounded side.

Glue the strips on the back of the peacock, starting from the bottom. With several colors, do not forget to alternate the stripes.

Rise up, making gaps between the rings.

Glue the last strip on top.

The toilet paper roll peacock is ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

It is beautiful in this form, but it can also be supplemented with paper circles of different colors.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

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