Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

A simple craft for kids is a toilet paper roll crab. Easy crab craft from a cylinder.

What you need for work:

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Red paper and red cardboard;
  • Black cardboard;
  • Paper eyes;
  • Glue, scissors.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab Step by Step

Prepare the roll.

In my opinion, it is too long for a crab, so I cut off a small part of the roll. To make it more convenient to do this, the roll should be flattened, cut off the desired part and straightened.

Wrap the roll in paper and mark the desired length and width.

Cut out a suitable rectangle from the red paper.

Tape a bushing on them.

Prepare additional details characterizing the crab:

  • Two claws made of red cardboard;
  • Two eyes;
  • Two thin strips of black cardboard.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Glue the eyes onto the strips and then pin inside the roll. Add pincers on the sides.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab

Everything, the crab from the toilet paper roll is ready.

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