Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

This cute mini yarn hat ornaments is an easy toilet roll and yarn craft that kids can make. You can decorate a Christmas tree with a hat, dress up dolls.

If I had been given such an idea as a child, all my toys would have flaunted in such an accessory in a variety of colors. After all, if you have good yarn, you can make a hat very quickly.

What will be needed for crafts?

  • Yarn (not very thin, wool is better);
  • Roll from toilet paper (dishtowels);
  • Ruler, scissors;
  • Cotton wool, paper napkins to choose from (optional or necessary).

Mini Yarn Hats Ornaments: Detailed Instruction

Cut a ring from the roll, the height of which is 1.5 cm. You can simply make a ring out of cardboard by gluing the sides of the cut strip.

Also cut the yarn. The maximum length of a piece is 30 cm. No more is needed, as you will have to cut off a lot, which is not economical. In general, it all depends on the width of your ring. So determine the length of one thread in advance. The number of threads will also be different. If the threads are thin, more will go.


I advise you to use threads that are not thin, thereby significantly reducing the time for creating crafts. This is especially important for children, since not everyone has sufficient perseverance.

In this tutorial, not very thick threads were used, one might even say that they were very thin for this work, so there were a lot of pieces of thread. I had to add more in the process.

Step-by-Step Process of Creative Activity

Take the thread and fold it in half. A loop is formed on one side, place it in the ring from the roll.

Pull the ends of the thread through the loop, tighten. Try to keep the knot on the edge of the roll.

Do the same with other pieces of thread, placing them tightly on the cardboard, if possible, without gaps. If the threads are good, then the process will go quickly, you will have to tinker with thin ones.

You can add threads of other colors. And in a different way. Or periodically, forming stripes or even two at once, a hat from a roll and threads will turn out to be colorful and bright.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

After the entire ring from the roll is covered with threads, correct the knots, if they have moved to the sides, tighten the loops so that they look uniform, without too hanging sections.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Now we need to push the long tail to the other side. For convenience, gather the threads together and twist a little.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Then push them into the middle of the roll, as if turning inside out.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

If the threads are good, they will hold their shape on their own. When using thin threads, as in this embodiment, you will need cotton wool, thanks to which the cap will not lose its shape, a convex appearance. Place, for example, cotton wool in the middle.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Push through the ring. See how it looks, choose the right height and tie the “tail” with a piece of thread of the same color.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Then cut the threads to make a beautiful pom pom. Its value depends on your preferences. If you cut off a lot, there will be a small fluffy pom-pom, if you leave more, you will get a big funny pom-pom.

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

That’s all, the mini yarn hat ornaments is ready.

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