Toilet Paper Roll Rooster

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster

The toilet paper roll rooster is bright and not complicated at all. Follow the step by step instructions to make this paper rooster.


  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Paper yellow, red, orange;
  • Paper eyes;
  • Simple pencil, scissors;
  • Glue stick, thermal gun. Or a stapler.

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster Step by Step

The body of this poultry is a roll pasted over with yellow paper. Prepare a suitable piece of paper. As a general rule, the values ​​are 9:16. But sometimes the roll is longer or shorter by 5 mm.

Glue the bushing.

Prepare small parts for the head:

  • Red scallop;
  • Round yellow cardboard head;
  • Orange beak in the form of a rhombus;
  • Eyes made of white and black circles.

Make a slit on the head and place the comb there. For reliability, it can be fixed with glue or tape. Glue the beak, eyes.

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster
Draw and cut out the second part of the details:

  • Two yellow wings;
  • Two paws made of orange paper;
  • Orange collar.

Prepare the roll for further work. Press one side firmly and glue. Since the sleeve is quite dense, ordinary glue may not be able to cope. Use your choice: moment, thermal gun, stapler.

Glue the wings on the sides.

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster
Add a collar on top, and glue the head on it.
Position the paws at the bottom.

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster
Everything, the toilet paper roll rooster is ready.

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