Origami Basket Easy Step by Step

Origami Basket

A simple origami basket for kids and beginners. Easy and understandable actions, step-by-step instructions with photos.


  • Two sheets of colored paper of different shades;
  • Colored paper for flowers and leaves;
  • Glue, scissors, a simple pencil.

Origami Basket Step by Step

Prepare 2 sheets of colored paper, these sheets are blue and yellow, A4 size.

You can use one sheet, but then the basket will not be two-color. Apply glue to one sheet and glue the second on top. Carefully adjust the edges so that the sheets are glued together as evenly as possible.

Next, we need to make a lot of folds, almost the entire area should be in small rectangular cells.

In the first step, fold the paper in half, for example, from left to right.

Open the paper and fold the right side to the fold in the middle.

Then left.

Open the paper. We have outlined the first three folds, now we need to make three more transverse ones.

To do this, fold the paper in half – from top to bottom.

Open and fold the bottom of the paper to the resulting fold.

And then the top one.

Open the paper completely again. The rectangular cells we need are ready.

Bend the sides to the middle. Right.


For convenience, flip the paper to the right. And fold the top and bottom corners to the right.

Then both on the left.

Bend the area of ​​unused paper from the center back down.

And bend the second part from the center up.

Pull on these pockets, opening them up a bit to make the top and bottom sides.

Origami Basket

And at the same time, help form the sides on the left and right by lifting them up. In principle, when you open the top and bottom, the side ones will rise vertically on their own, you just need to help them a little with your hands to make them even, with the right angles and folds.

Origami Basket

Cut a long strip from a sheet of paper.

Fold it over several times.

And then glue it to the basket.

Origami Basket

Cut out flowers with leaves from colored paper of any shade and shape and decorate your creation with them.

Everything, the origami basket is ready.

Origami Basket

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