Apple Basket Craft For Kids

Apple Basket Craft

Apple basket is an interesting craft for children of preschool and primary school age. Nice idea for fall theme.

Original crafts can be created if, together with standard materials, threads are used in children’s creativity. We will make a basket of paper and yarn in which you can place fruits. Details of the manufacture of such crafts are presented in our tutorial.

To create such a basket, we will prepare:

  • brown, green, red, yellow cardboard;
  • hole puncher;
  • scissors with a compass;
  • brown yarn;
  • glue.

Apple Basket Craft Step by Step

First, let’s make a basket, for it we need brown cardboard. On the reverse side of it, draw a large circle with a compass, and then cut out the resulting circle. It is he who will become the basis of the future basket.

Then you need to cut the handle. To do this, on the reverse side, divide the circle in half, after which we draw a semicircle of a smaller radius in the upper part. We cut it out with scissors, we get a blank for the basket.

Now let’s use a hole punch. With it, we make small holes in the bottom of the basket. Their number must be even.

Next, take the brown yarn. We begin to thread this thread into the holes made. Initially, we fasten the tip of the thread from the back. Then we stretch it so that the threads are located horizontally.

Apple Basket Craft

In this way, completely fill the entire lower part of the basket.

Apple Basket Craft

Then we repeat the steps, it turns out that the thread was threaded into each hole 2 times. We fix the tip of the thread again on the back of the basket.

Apple Basket Craft

Let’s make apples. First, cut out the blank from red cardboard.

Add to this apple a small brown twig and a green leaf.

Similarly, we make the second fruit from yellow cardboard.

We put ready-made fruits. It turned out such a apple basket made of cardboard and thread.

Apple Basket Craft

Might be a great fall craft.

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