Origami Dog — Step by Step Tutorial

Origami Dog

Step by step instructions to create a dog out of paper. Origami dog from two very simple parts – body and head.

Despite the fact that the dog consists of two parts and a seemingly lengthy description, the technique itself is quite simple and understandable. The main thing is to follow exactly all the steps shown in the photo.


  • Colored paper, preferably two-tone, to naturally highlight the nose and ears;
  • Eyes can be made of paper, use ready-made plastic ones and simply draw with a felt-tip pen;
  • Glue.

Origami Dog Step by Step

As mentioned above, the dog consists of two parts – the head and the body. Therefore, prepare in advance two identical pieces of square-shaped colored paper.

Making the Head

Fold the square into a triangle. Straighten, and then fold again into a triangle, connecting the other two corners.

You will get intersecting folds.

Return the paper to the shape of a triangle. As you can see, for the ears to be white, the triangle must also be white on the outside.

Bend the bottom corner up to the opposite side.

Connect the right corner to the bottom corner.

Then the left.

Open the corner, a pocket will be visible from below.

Press it down so that the fold is on top and the corner is flat. The first ear of the dog is ready.

Turn the left side of the corner into an ear as well.

Origami Dog

Fold up a small corner at the bottom.

Origami Dog

Fold the paper in half.

Origami Dog

Now fold the corner from top to back to mark the fold.

Origami Dog

Straighten and redirect this fold to the middle.

Glue your eyes. The head is ready.

Origami Dog

Origami Dog Body

We take the second square piece of paper, bend the left side inward, making a not very wide strip.

We bend the strip from below, it should be the same width as the side.

Then open the strip slightly and redirect its corner to the left.

Flip over to the other side, ponytail down.

Origami Dog

Fold the bottom up as shown in the photo.

Origami Dog

Fold in half, connecting the side corners.

Origami Dog

The body is ready. Glue the head to it to make such a cute origami dog.

Origami Dog

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