Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Beautiful origami butterfly bookmark with step-by-step instructions. Simple origami work, interesting and practical. A great option for girls, flirtatious and glamorous.

It looks especially nice from decorative paper, bright with patterns, drawings or, as in this case, with sides of different colors.
Many other paper corners in the selection — origami corner bookmark.


  • Origami paper, any decorative or double-sided.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark Step by Step

Prepare a square-shaped paper, the sizes may be different, depending on how large the butterfly is needed. In this case, origami paper 15:15 cm was used.

Measure or roughly divide the paper into thirds. Fold the paper, leaving a third on top.

And then bend down and the top area.

Open and cut off one part of the paper, as we need a rectangle to work with.

Fold it in half.

And then fold again, for example, from left to right, to mark the fold in the middle of the rectangle.

Point the left side of the paper to the right, revealing the inner area.

Direct the resulting top corner down, pressing all the paper.

Flip over to the other side.

And again open the doubled area of the paper.

And then press down, repeating the shape we folded on the underside.


On the right side, redirect the top of the paper to the left.

For convenience, turn over so that the bottom is on top.

Bend the corner in the middle down on the right side.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Then on the left.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Slightly open the pocket and redirect it inside the paper.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Do the same with the left pocket.

Lower the upper corner down from one of the sides, which will turn into a butterfly wing as a result of these actions.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

On the left side, make the second wing. The origami butterfly bookmark is ready.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

If you turn it over to the other side, you can see a triangular area in which the pages of the book are placed, thus turning an ordinary paper origami butterfly into a bookmark.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

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