Origami Lotus Flower — the Easiest Way for Kids

Origami Lotus Flower

This origami lotus flower consists of a leaf and a flower. But both parts of the plant are very simple, even children can handle it.

So, prepare the necessary materials:

  • Green sheet of paper and pink;
  • Scissors;
  • Optionally, glue to stick the two pieces together.

Origami Lotus Flower Step by Step

Both segments should be square in shape, you can take the same size, or you can make the green leaf a little larger.

Folding a Lotus Flower

Fold the pink square segment into a triangle, but so that the edges in it do not touch. As you can see in the photo, the lower part of the triangle is larger.

Lift the right and left corners up, placing them on the sides of the upper corner.

Origami Lotus Flower

Now the flower needs to be rounded, for this, bend back the bottom corner and small side corners. Everything, the simplest lotus flower is ready.

Origami Lotus Flower

Folding Lotus Leaf

It also needs a square sheet of paper.

On its square we will make 4 intersecting folds.

First, fold the square into a triangle, iron the fold. Unfold the paper and fold it into a triangle again, but now connect the other two opposite corners.

Flatten the paper again, giving it the shape of a square, and fold it into a rectangle, connecting the sides. Spread back and fold in half again, but now connect the other two sides.

The folds we need in the form of a snowflake are ready.

Go back to the square. Bend a little all 4 of its corners, trying to make them the same.

Origami Lotus

On one side, make a cut to the center.

Origami Lotus

And slightly bend the edge of the cut.

Origami Lotus

Turn over, the sheet is ready.

Place a flower on it, glue it if desired. Get this origami lotus flower. Great option for kids.

Origami Lotus Flower

Even more ideas in the rubric — origami for kids.

By the way, a easy origami frog looks good with a lotus.

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