Owl Craft with Paper Strips

Owl Craft with Paper Strips

Crafts for kids can and even should be fun, this helps to increase the interest of children and the desire to make a funny character with their own hands. Owl craft with paper strips – just belongs to these types of creativity, it is easy and fun to make it.

You will need the following materials:

  • Beige or brown cardboard;
  • Yellow cardboard for paws and beak;
  • White cardboard for the eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, black felt-tip pen.

Owl Craft with Paper Strips Step by Step

This technique for creating crafts is quite common, there are already many different characters on the site using strips of paper. For example, an application with a ladybug. There are also crafts consisting of one or two balls of stripes, for example, a deer made of stripes, but in the second case, the fastening of the strips is slightly different. Although both options are quite similar and can be used in all works.

We Make a Body

At the first stage of creating an owl, cut a circle out of cardboard. Its size depends on the size of the bird.

Next, you need 4 strips of paper, 1.5 cm wide. The length must be coordinated with the size of the circle. The strip should be long enough to create a semi-oval that is not very narrow. You can first cut off a long strip, bend over the circle, taking into account the folds, cut off the excess.

And then cut 3 more strips according to this pattern.

The strips are cut off, now bend their tips on both sides.

Glue the first strip onto the cardboard circle, aligning the fold along its edge.

Glue the second strip of paper crosswise on top.

Glue the remaining two strips between the first two. It is advisable to fix with glue and from above, at the intersection of the strips.

Owl Craft with Paper Strips

The final stage of creating an owl from strips of paper

The body is ready, now you need to give the character a look. You can use the provided template, or draw your own owl head, with paws and wings.


  • Brown cardboard head with ears;
  • From the same cardboard, two wings;
  • From yellow cardboard, two paws;
  • Yellow beak;
  • Two cardboard white mugs for the eyes.

Owl Craft with Paper Strips

Glue the beak on the head first, and then two white circles on top. Draw the pupils of the bird with a black felt-tip pen or cut them out of black paper.

Glue the head, wings with paws to the body, and the owl craft with paper strips is ready.

Owl Craft with Paper Strips

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