Easy Origami Birds – Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Origami Birds

Origami birds, along with animals, are extremely popular origami models. Projects waiting for you on this page – all of these have a step by step tutorials showing how to make them!

Easy ideas on how to fold a dove, an owl, a peacock, a penguin, a bird, a chicken and many other birds out of paper.

Cute and Easy Origami Birds for Kids

Easy Origami Bird

How to Make an Origami Bird

Interested in how to make an origami bird in an easy way? Then this step-by-step photo tutorial is for you. A light paper bird that even children can fold.

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Origami Penguin

Easy origami penguin for kids step by step. An easy way to make a paper penguin. Origami for beginners.

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Origami Sparrow

Simple origami sparrow for kids. Detailed review with step by step photos. We replenish the collection of origami birds for kids.

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Origami Chicken

This origami chicken can be done even by children. All steps are simple and clear. Great craft for Easter. It looks especially great from decorative paper, but it is quite interesting to itself with the usual yellow, orange.

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Easy Origami Birds – Seagull

Origami Seagull

Easy origami seagull step by step. Photo review of how to make a seagull out of paper quickly and easily. An excellent option for creating applications, compositions on a marine theme.

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Origami Peacock

This origami peacock looks beautiful and catchy. But it’s not at all difficult to make. All actions are simple, even children can handle it. They consist of a minimum number of stages, which add up literally in 2-3 steps. The only thing that will delay the work a little is the creation of a magnificent tail, because it will require several components.

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Origami Pelican

Origami pelican for kids from a one-sided piece of square-shaped paper. Or special origami paper.

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Origami Woodpecker

A very easy origami woodpecker. Easy step by step for kids. We replenish the collection of paper origami birds.

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Origami Rooster

Easy origami rooster for kids with step by step photo tutorial. All activities are easy, accessible for preschool children.

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Origami Duck

Origami duck of medium difficulty. An interesting paper duck in a step-by-step design with a photo.

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origami pigeon

Two easy ideas on what an origami pigeon can be like with detailed photo instructions. How to create a paper bird quickly and easily.

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Origami Birds — Owl

Origami Owl

Here you will find out how to make a basic origami owl by four different ways. From simple to a bit more complicated.

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How to Make an Origami Owl

Cute origami owl of medium difficulty. Detailed instructions with step-by-step photos on how to make an origami owl.

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Origami Crow

Origami Crow

This origami crow is not simple, but talking. But the main thing is that even kids can cope with the work. Follow the step by step photo instructions and everything will work out.

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