Accordion Paper Peacock

Accordion Paper Peacock

Making an accordion paper peacock is very easy. Follow the step by step instructions and you will have this bright bird.

Although a little funny, since the site is exclusively dedicated to children’s crafts and applications.

For this creative work, you will need the following materials:

  • Colored cardboard for the body of the peacock, I chose blue;
  • 4 different shades of colored paper for the tail;
  • Moving eyes, or some black and white paper for homemade eyes. In extreme cases, a black felt-tip pen with which you can draw eyes;
  • Scissors, pencil, glue stick.

Accordion Paper Peacock Step by Step

Do-it-yourself paper peacock step by step Fold colored paper in half and cut one half off. Make an accordion with the remaining half. Just fold into a thin strip, first one way and then the other. Press well. You will get such accordion furs.

Fold each in half. Try to do this as symmetrically as possible so that a smooth peacock tail comes out later.

Straighten the folded paper and glue one to the other. Glue must be applied not only in the middle, but along the entire side of the strip so that the tail does not have gaps between the colors. Glue the top harmonica with the neighbors and with itself. It turned out a beautiful fan, fold it and press it well so that everything sticks well.

Accordion Paper Peacock

Next, draw and cut out the torso of the peacock. In this version, it is very simple: a circle with expanding arcs branching off from it. Do not forget to pre-calculate the height of the torso, given that you need to leave part of the paper to fold. It is better to let it be a little long than short, the extra bottom can later be cut off.

Accordion Paper Peacock

Cut out a triangle from yellow paper – a beak and a small crown. Glue them, as well as the eyes. The accordion paper peacock is almost ready. Bend the bottom of the body in the direction where the tail will be, and then glue it to the resulting stand. You can put some glue on the back of the peacock’s head and attach it to the tail for a more stable position.

Accordion Paper Peacock

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