Accordion Paper Bull Craft

Paper Bull

An original paper bull, the body of which is an accordion popular in children’s art. For maximum stability of the craft, it is recommended to use cardboard.

For work you will need the following materials:

  • Brown cardboard;
  • Orange and yellow paper;
  • Some black paper and white;
  • Scissors, glue stick, simple pencil.

Paper Bull Step by Step

We Make the Body of a Bull

To do this, you need to make a complex accordion. Cut two long strips of paper (cardboard). In this version, the length of the strips is equal to the longer side of the paper, and the width is 4 cm.

Glue the two strips, creating an angle.

Alternating the strips, bend them in the area of ​​​​the glued corner, overlaying one strip on the other.

Go to the end and glue the tip.

If there is excess at the end, cut it off. The body of the accordion is ready.

Paper Bull

Based on the size of the body, cut out simple limbs.

The tips can be accented with orange paper.

Accordion Paper Bull: Head

For the head you will need the following small parts:

  • A brown oval made of cardboard is the base of the head;
  • A smaller oval of orange paper to display the muzzle;
  • Two brown ears with orange inserts that follow the shape of the ears, but smaller;
  • Orange horns;
  • Yellow nose ring;
  • Black nostrils made of paper, but you can draw them with a felt-tip pen;
  • Eyes made of white and black paper;
  • Tail and optional forelock.

Glue all the details and create a bull’s head.

Paper Bull

You can also make a small accordion out of cardboard, which will be the neck. And still need a tail.

Final stage

Glue the legs in front and behind the accordion body.

Paper Bull

We add the neck, and already we attach the head to it.

Paper Bull

Behind we have a tail. Funny paper bull is ready.

Paper Bull

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