Easy Paper Bunny Craft — Easter Idea for Kids

Paper Bunny

Volumetric paper bunny from circles. Step by step review for kids with photo. Might be a great Easter craft.

For work you will need the following materials:

  • Blue paper and cardboard;
  • White paper;
  • Plastic moving eyes;
  • Black felt-tip pen, compasses, scissors, glue.

Paper Bunny Step by Step

We Make a Body

For the body, cut out 6 blue and 2 white circles. Of course, colors and their combinations can be absolutely any. If the bunny is dedicated to Easter, then it can be of all pastel colors, up to pink.

Fold the circles in half. The more evenly folded, the more correct and stable the body will be.

Glue the circles together, fastening on one side.

It will turn out such a ball-body of a hare.

Cut out a long figure eight from cardboard. These will be the paws of the bunny, and in combination also the support, thanks to which the craft will take on a stable vertical state and will not fall to one side.

Glue the paws on the bottom. It is more reliable to use PVA glue.

Paper Bunny

Paper Bunny Head

The head in this craft is flat, in contrast to the voluminous body. Cut out for her:

  • From blue cardboard circle;
  • Blue ears and white additions to them;
  • White teeth.

Also at this stage, you can prepare the paws.

Glue ears, eyes, nose, teeth, draw a muzzle.

Paper Bunny

The head is ready. Attach it to the body, placing it between the glued parts. For stability, pre-apply a little glue. If the head does not fit in the desired area, cut it with scissors. Alternatively, you can make an accordion neck and glue your head to it. Also glue on the sides of the paws.

Paper Bunny

Everything, a paper bunny from circles is ready.

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