Pipe Cleaner Bunny Step by Step

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Pipe cleaner bunny is a fun craft toy. School-age children can make it, as the work can be difficult for young children.

Follow all the steps indicated, and everything will definitely work out. Moreover, very precise actions are not required here, you can bring something of your own, simplify the work, or vice versa, add your own ideas.

Materials used:

  • 4 pipe cleaner wires;
  • A small piece of black wire for the spout;
  • Some purple scarf wire (optional)
  • Sticky moving eyes;
  • Scissors.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny Step by Step

We Make the Body

Take one pipe cleaner and fold it in half.

Press the sides and fasten-twist around the tips.

Now fold this structure in half.

Bend both sides of the twin wire in half.

Hold it down.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

It turns out, as it were, a double part, one part of which is folded back.

Turn over and straighten the rings, the top ones will be the front legs of the pipe cleaner bunny, and the rings on the other side will be the lower legs. The body-base is ready.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

We Make Rabbit Ears

Based on the size of the body, we make ears suitable for it. To do this, take another pipe cleaner. Bend the wire as shown in the photo to get two oblong ears. On request, the ears can be longer.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Squeeze the sides, and wind the short tip in the middle of the ears.

Attach your ears to your body.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Point the long tip from the bottom up, along the body.

Then down again. In this way, wind the tip of the wire so that the body becomes more rounded.

We Make a Muzzle for a Bunny

Take the third pipe cleaner and, closer to the tip, make no more than one turn with black wire. Cut off the black tip just below the base.

Set the wire on the body so that the nose is at the top, near the ears.

Pull forward the sharp corner with the nose and wind it with the second long end of the wire, wrapping it around the nose several times as well.

This is how a long and funny hare muzzle will turn out.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

The body is basically completed, but you can improve it a little more. Take the fourth wire and wrap it around the body, not only across, but also along, throwing toys over both shoulders.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Glue eyes, tie a scarf (optional). Everything, the pipe cleaner bunny is ready.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

If you bend the lower legs, he sits confidently.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

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