Paper Rosette Bird Craft

Paper Rosette Bird Craft

An paper rosette bird is a great craft for children, which can be part of a composition, appliqué, decoration. The basis is a paper rosette, popular in paper art.

This is a ready-made accordion flower, the body of an accordion bunny and many other characters, plants.


  • Bilateral yellow paper, cardboard;
  • Some red paper;
  • Sticky eyes;
  • Scissors, glue stick.

Paper Rosette Bird Craft Step by Step

For one bird, you will need two long strips of paper. Cut strips that are as long as the longer side of the A4 paper and about 3 cm wide.

Make folds on the paper, starting from its narrow side. Gradually fold the paper back and forth, the fold width is 0.5-1 cm.

Turn both strips of paper into an accordion.

Glue two accordions, you get one long one.

Roll up and glue the edges. While the glue dries, cut out a small circle from the yellow cardboard.

Press down on top of the accordion roll with your hand, guiding the edges into the middle so that it becomes flat and round. Glue a circle of cardboard in the center to keep it flat.

Paper Rosette Bird Craft
Cut out a beak and a wing from red paper, cut out eyes from paper if there are no ready-made sticky ones. You can make two wings and eyes so that the bird is two-sided, only in this case you need to glue a smaller circle in the center of the accordion, or fix it with glue or tape.

Fold the beak in half and glue it on the side, falling into the fold of the accordion. Attach the wing in the center and add the eyes. Everything, an paper rosette bird is ready. You can hang it on the wall, stick a barbecue stick and decorate the flowers in the house. And it’s just a simple craft, fascinating for children, starting from middle preschool age.

Paper Rosette Bird Craft

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