Paper Horse to a Template: Horse Craft for Kids

Paper Horse

A simple paper horse for kids with a template. All you need to do is to print the template, cut along the straight lines, fold along the dashed lines, and this wonderful horse craft is yours.

What materials have been used for the craft?

  • Double-sided brown cardboard;
  • Black double-sided paper;
  • A black felt pen;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick.

Paper Horse for Kids Step by Step

Print or copy the template. Cut it out of white paper, for example, and then encircle the template with two parts onto brown cardboard.

Paper Horse

You should get a flat body and two head halves connected at the upper part. You can fold cardboard in half, encircle a single head half onto it and cut out the whole semi-finished horse’s head at once. At this stage, it is convenient to draw hooves, eyes, nostrils, a smile, lines on the ears and any others you like with a black felt pen.

Horse Craft

Fold the body parts along the dashed lines. Similarly, fold the head in half along the dashed line as well.

Paper Horse

Stick together two folded rectangular pieces of cardboard that are to be located at the neck bottom part. The body is ready.

Horse Craft for Kids

Glue the head atop the neck, slightly inclining it downwards. Now, the craft looks a bit like a giraffe. In fact, you can use this template to make a giraffe – you only have to extend the neck slightly and make the snout thinner.

Horse Craft for Kids

Finishing Stage of Making Paper Horse

Н But, since we have a horse, let’s transform the template into the character we need.

To make it, you will need a mane and a tail. Draw these simple details based on your horse size. I decided not to make a template, since these parts depend on your personal preferences and they are very simple, see photo.

  • The first part is mane; make small circle-wise cuts that resemble fringes.
  • The second part is a head crest, which also should be cut into small strips from one side.
  • The third one is a rectangular tail with fringes.

Paper Horse

Stick the mane onto the horse back. Make a tube out of the crest and attach it to the head. Fold the tail a couple of times and attach it to the horse back.
That’s all, the paper horse is complete. It makes a great kid’s horse craft, a toy, a teaching material for classes dedicated to domestic animals. Will enlarge your collection of paper animals.

Paper Horse

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