Paper Strips Frog Craft

Paper Strips Frog Craft

Looking for a fun way to create a frog? An excellent option is a paper strips frog — not a complicated craft that develops attention and fine motor skills of the hands.

In this work we used:

  • Green cardboard;
  • Blue and yellow cardboard;
  • A simple pencil, black felt-tip pen, scissors, glue stick;
  • Moving eyes that can be successfully replaced with homemade paper ones.

Paper Strips Frog Craft Step by Step

We make a body from paper strips

Cut 4 thin strips from green cardboard. Sizes can be any, as well as stripes. For example, if the length of the strip is equal to the narrow side of standard A4 paper, then the width of the strips can be 1-1.5 cm. The smaller the child, the wider the stripes.

To determine the center of the strips, fold each strip in half.

Glue two strips crosswise in the fold area.

Add two more on the sides to make it look like a snowflake.

Now lift the lowest strip and glue its ends into a ring.

Do the same with the second strip, alternately gluing its tips to the place where the previous ones were glued.

Glue all the strips, you get such an interesting ball that will be the body of a frog from strips of paper.

Paper Strips Frog Craft

We complete the craft with complementary and decorating paper details.

Draw and cut out the following parts of the frog:

  • From green cardboard, an oblong oval equal to or slightly larger than the width of the body;
  • 4 green cardboard three-toed paws of any desired shape;
  • A small strip of green cardboard, which will be the frog’s neck, and part-time part that connects the head to the body;
  • Optional elements – a crown and a blue collar in the form of a flower, also cut out of cardboard.

Make a cut in the center of the flower, place a thin strip in it and bend it on one side. On the second side, let the strip remain in a straight position.

You can do without a flower collar and immediately glue the neck to the body, as, for example, in the craft of a dog from strips of paper, because her collar is glued on top of the neck.

Glue the paws to the body, and the neck with the collar on top.

Paper Strips Frog

Finish the frog from the strips of paper with an oblong head, with a crown and eyes glued on it, and do not forget to draw a wide smile before gluing.

Paper Strips Frog Craft

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