Paper Fox for Kids Craft

The original paper fox is made from a paper roll. But you can simplify the task by using a toilet paper roll.

The work is not at all difficult, but it will require some perseverance to make several details that complement the fox.

We used:

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Orange cardboard and yellow paper;
  • Googly eyes;
  • Black marker, scissors, glue stick, pencil, compass.

Paper Fox Step by Step

Cut a rectangle out of paper or cardboard. If you use a bushing, consider its dimensions.

Cover the roll with paper or roll the cardboard and glue it together.

Draw a circle and cut it in half.

Roll into a cone and seal the edges.

Cut out an oblong piece from yellow paper and glue it to the top of the roll.

Prepare your ears. To do this, cut off two triangles — the inner part is slightly smaller in size.

Glue the triangles together.

Glue them to the head, and at the same time attach the eyes and paint over the nose area with a marker.

Paper Fox

Cut a long strip of cardboard that will be the fox’s paws. First, determine its length so that it is enough to run along the top and remains to be folded on the sides. Round off the ends of the strip and fill in with a marker.

Glue it to the top of a paper roll.

Glue the cone head on top of the strip.

Paper Fox

Cut out and paint over the paws and tail. Make slits at the bottom of the tail to fluff it up.

Glue the tail, paws and the paper fox is ready. Despite the lengthy process, the craft is not complicated, since all the parts are very easy to create. The main thing is the ratio of their size to the body.

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