Pine Cone Flowers Craft

Pine Cone Flowers

Pine cone flowers are a beautiful and original craft. It consists entirely of natural materials, which is its main advantage. If you have the required materials, the work is very easy.

What will be needed for crafts?

  • A knot with several branches on which pine cones will be attached;
  • Pine cones;
  • Dried leaves;
  • Glue gun;
  • Gouache and brush.

To work, you just need a glue or thermal gun. No super glue will hold the narrow tip of a twig to a pine cone!

How to Make Pine Cone Flowers?

At the first stage, you need to color all the prepared cones in the desired color, and the knot in green. It is not scary that within the same flower there are no multi-colored buds, the main thing is a bright, catchy and beautiful result. Gouache dries for a long time, so this procedure can be done in advance. Or put the cones under the rays of the sun, on the battery, of course, after laying paper folded several times under them, paper towels.

When the cones and knot dry properly, you can begin the process of gluing them. Turn on the glue gun, after 5 minutes place a bead of glue on the tip of the branch of the knot and immediately press the pine cone to it. While holding, quickly turn it down so that the excess glue has time to drain onto the bump and fasten it well with a knot. Everything needs to be done quickly, since the glue hardens at lightning speed, which, in fact, is its advantage. Glue all the pine cones in this way.

Pine Cone Flowers

To make the flower take a vertical stable position, stick it into a piece of foam.

If your knot does not have lower branches, the flower can be placed in a vase. Even pine cone flowers without leaves look unfinished. Glue dry leaves. In principle, they hold perfectly even without glue, but they can fall out when moving. It turned out a very nice autumn craft, completely from natural materials.

Pine Cone Flowers

It can be quite durable, but the leaves will not stand the test of time, so they can be replaced with paper ones. As an option, cut out of felt, foamiran.

Pine Cone Flowers

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