Pinecone and Felt Owl Tutorial

Pinecone and Felt Owl

A great craft for kids is an pinecone and felt owl. Nature provides a lot of original material for creativity, and pinecones are especially popular.

You will need the following materials:

  • pinecone;
  • felt of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • plastic eyes;
  • thermal gun.

Pinecone and Felt Owl Step by Step

Such a craft based on a pinecone can be made using felt of different colors. You choose the color scheme for your owl. We will use orange, brown, blue and white felt. Let’s start work on the craft by creating the eyes of our owl. To do this, cut out a couple of circles from blue felt.

Circles of a smaller diameter need to be cut out of white felt, then glued on top of the blue blanks. We use a glue gun for this.

To complete this stage, decorative plastic eyes with movable pupils should be added from above.

Now we choose a place on the pinecone where we will stick the eyes. To do this, use hot glue again.

Pinecone and Felt Owl

Cut out blanks from blue felt that will be located above the eyes of our owl.

We glue them.

Pinecone and Felt Owl

Cut out a small beak from a piece of orange felt.

Pinecone and Felt Owl

Now let’s create the wings of our night bird. We will use felt in two colors – brown and blue.

We glue these blanks together.

Then we fix them on the sides of the cone.

Pinecone and Felt Owl

It remains to add paws. First, cut them out of orange felt.

Then glue at the bottom of the craft. Pinecone and felt owl is ready.

Pinecone and Felt Owl

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