Pinecone Fox Craft

Pinecone Fox

A simple pinecone fox step by step. In this tutorial, we will use not only natural material, but also clay.

To make such a fox, we will prepare:

  • pinecone;
  • clay orange, black, white;
  • plastic stack.

Pinecone Fox Step by Step

The main color in our craft will be orange. First we roll a ball from this clay, this will be a blank for the fox’s head.

Then we form an elongated muzzle. It is similar in shape to a droplet.

Add small ears, we make them from triangles of orange clay.

Take some black and white clay. We roll small balls out of them, after which we make eyes and a nose for the fox.

Pinecone Fox

Additionally, draw a mouth with a plastic stack. And we decorate the ears with small pieces of white clay. After that, we fix the resulting head on a pinecone.

Pinecone Fox

Now roll 4 balls of the same size from orange clay. These will be blanks for the paws of the fox.

We fashion the paws, the front and back will be of different shapes.

We attach the finished paws to the pinecone.

Pinecone Fox

It remains to make a magnificent tail. To do this, roll up a sausage from orange clay.

We decorate one of the tips with white clay, after which we bend a little.

Next, use a plastic stack and work on the tail.

We attach it to the base of our craft. The pinecone fox  is ready.

Pinecone Fox

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